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CR300 and CR100 bundle rental

CR300 & CR100 Bundle Rental

Rental Cost: $1,495.00
Renter must provide Certificate of Insurance (COI) showing Flanders Scientific as the loss payee and additionally insured.
Product Code: Rent.CR-300-RH-CR-100
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This listing is for a 1 week rental of the Colorimetry Research CR-300-RH spectroradiometer and the CR-100 colorimeter.

This special bundle provides you with both a CR-300-RH reference spectroradiometer and a CR-100 colorimeter. The CRI Utility software provided with this bundle allows both probes to be connected at the same time for fast and easy colorimeter calibration matrix creation. By using this combination of probes you can calibrate your CR100 yourself to work with any existing and emerging display technologies. You could use the CR-300-RH alone for calibration, but with this combination you can take advantage of the accuracy of the display agnostic CR-300 spectroradiometer while still also taking advantage of the incredible measurement speed and lowlight capabilities of the CR-100 colorimeter.

The CR-300-RH

The Colorimetry Research CR-300 is a high resolution spectroradiometer featuring 2nm spectral bandwidth and 0.8nm/pixel resolution. This probe is highly accurate and display agnostic allowing it to be used with all current and future display technologies including LCD, OLED, and projection.

The CR-300 is compact and lightweight (just 2.5 lb / 1.134 kg) yet extremely durable thanks to its all metal machined aluminum and stainless steel construction. Every CR-300 is shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate verifying the instrument's accuracy.

The CR-300-RH's rubber hood and large measurement spot size allow the spectroradiometer to be placed conveniently right against the screen of virtually all flat panel displays.

The CR-300 comes with CRI's own CRI application allowing for basic measurement, logging, and manual calibration of displays. The CR-300 is also compatible with LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS and SpectraCal's CalMAN, both sold separately, allowing for in-depth 3D LUT based calibration of all current Flanders Scientific monitors.

The CR-100 Colorimeter

The Colorimetry Research CR-100 is a high quality colorimeter designed specifically to work with virtually any display technology. The CR-100's machined aluminum and steel housing coupled with a completely solid state design ensure excellent durability while keeping the probe incredibly compact and lightweight (just 12 ounces / 340 grams). What sets the CR-100 apart from other colorimeters are its high quality tristimulus filters. Every CR-100 goes through a strict quality control process including measurement of every tristimulus filter with a double monochromator to ensure the following performance benchmarks are attained:
Y (Photopic)≤ 2.0%1.4 - 1.8%
Xr (Red)≤ 3.0%2.3 - 2.7%
Xb (Red under Blue)≤ 1.2%0.8 - 1.0%
Z (Blue)≤ 3.5%2.2 - 2.7%

The CR-100 can be used with the CRI Application for measurement and logging and more importantly is completely integrated into LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS* and SpectraCal's CalMAN allowing for full 3D LUT based calibration of Flanders Scientific monitors.

The CR-100 can be used to measure a wide variety of display technologies and utilizes the Four-Color Matrix Method to calibrate the probe for use with specific display types/spectral distributions. The Four-Color Matrix Method, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), improves the accuracy of tristimulus colorimeters for measurements of color displays and has been verified to be appropriate for cathode rays tubes (CRTs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and organic light emitting diodes (OLED) displays. When ordering the CR-100 from Flanders Scientific the probe will be equipped with custom matrix matched selections for all current Flanders Scientific monitors in addition to any matrices provided by CRI.

*LightSpace CMS and CalMAN are sold separately.

Technical Specs

CR-300 Specifications

DetectorCMOS image sensor, 512 pixels
Spectral Range380 - 780 nm
Spectral Bandwidth2.0 nm
Spectral Accuracy+- 0.3 nm
Spectral Resolution0.8nm / pixel
Luminance Range0.05 fL to 45,000 fL
Luminance Repeatability≤ 1 %
Chromaticity Accuracy+- 0.0015 x,y
Chromaticity Repeatability0.0005 x,y
Polarization Error≤ 0.5%
Digital Resolution16 bits
Custom Synchronization10 - 10,000 Hz
Exposure Time Range0.04 to 30 seconds
Power Requirements5V, 120 mA, (600mW) via USB 2.0
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Weight / Mass2.5 pound (1.134 kg)

CR-100 Specifications

Wavelength Range380 - 780 nm
Luminance Range 0.0002 fL to 1500 fL
0.0002 fL @ Signal to Noise Ratio > 10, 20 seconds exposure
0.001 fL @ Signal to Noise Ratio > 10, 0.5 second exposure
0.001 fL @ Signal to Noise Ratio > 100, 20 seconds exposure
1500 fL @ Signal to Noise Ratio > 8000, 1 second exposure
Luminance Accuracy± 2 % @ 0.1 fL, 0.4 second exposure
Luminance Repeatability0.2 % @ 0.1 fL, 0.4 second exposure
1.5 % @ 0.01 fL, 0.5 second exposure
1.5 % @ 0.001 fL, 20 seconds exposure
Chromaticity Accuracy± 0.0015 x, y @ 0.1 fL, 0.4 second exposure
± 0.0015 x, y @ 0.02 fL, 20 seconds exposure
Chromaticity Repeatability0.0005 x, y @ 0.1 fL, 0.4 second exposure
0.0005 x, y @ 0.02 fL, 20 seconds exposure
Polarization Error≤ 0.1 %
Synchronization Frequencies10 - 500 Hz (Custom Synchronization from 10 Hz to 10 KHz available)
Exposure Time Range1 ms to 20 seconds
Power Requirements5V, 120 mA (600 mW) via USB 2.0
InterfaceUSB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight / Mass12oz. (0.34 Kg.)